6 Steps to Get Your Hair To Look Fuller


Rest assured, whether it’s thin or thinning hair, or simply your wish to get a fuller effect, one can easily get tempted to use volumizing powders or sprays. Truth is, these might help to get the aspired look. But there’s a healthy alternative. The right products, ingredients and steps can bless your hair with a new lease of life by creating a healthy matte full look and providing nourishment all at the same time.

Here is our own ritual in the quest to achieve a fuller look to our hair - every morning. Here’s a teaser: Hair Paste, as a texture booster, not as a styler.

Step 1: Start with towel dried, clean hair

Make sure you don’t have any product in your hair, and that it’s dry or almost-completely-dry.


Step 2: Grab our Hair Paste for a matte, healthy look

Hair Paste is great for thin hair - it’s light, matte, gives a somewhat ‘dry’ feeling, and doesn’t weigh on your hair during the day. It’s great for styling easily-shapeable hair but it’s also very useful in giving the hair the added texture it needs to feel fuller as a total look.

Step 3: Place a small amount on your fingers

For those of us with thin hair, (low) quantity is key here - don’t be tempted to use a lot, a small amount on your finger is enough to create the desired effect without ending up with a heavier look.

Step 4: Warm in your hands

This step is great to make the product warmer and helps it spread evenly with no residue.

Step 5: spread evenly, in different directions

Using your fingers (not a comb or a brush), spread the Hair Paste evenly through your hair, going from side to side and from one direction to the other. It’s still not for styling, it’s for texture, so don’t worry about the shape and style, and make sure you don’t apply it only according to your final look.

Step 6: blow dry and shape

This is where the full effect will be more apparent. The texturing effect of the Hair Paste, together with the dry effect of the blow dryer, give the hair a unified matte look. With your fingers only, style your hair as you want.