The Complete Guide to Growing a Mustache


Every man, at one point or another, looks in the mirror and thinks to himself: “I look great now. But if I had a mustache, would I look even better?”.

Growing facial hair isn’t as simple as just not shaving—and a mustache can be a tricky bit of hair on your upper lip. There’s more to it than you might think, so we’ve prepared this guide to help you grow your dream ‘stache. But get ready—this may take some time!

And if you’ve already got a mustache, good on you. This guide is simply a refresher for keeping yours in the best shape possible. 

1. Keep Your Face Fresh

Just because you’re growing facial hair doesn’t mean you should halt your regular shower routine. Make sure to keep your face clean and your natural oil is balanced. Shower as often as you usually do, and give your face a good scrub before bed using a Face Cleanser. You don’t need to launch a whole new routine if yours is already working.

Face Cleanser & Face Moisturizer

2. Be Patient

The first few days—or weeks, or even months—can be rough when your mustache is just coming in. Yes, you’ll go through stages where you look rather like a scrappy teenager first discovering facial hair. There’s no need to stress. Just embrace the slightly awkward scruff, It’ll look great soon enough.

3. Soften, Cleanse, and Wash

As your mustache grows, it’s a great idea to introduce some new products to your shower repertoire. Along with your Maapilim soap and shampoo, we suggest trying out our Beard Softener and Beard Wash. This pair is custom-crafted to cleanse the delicate facial hairs and the sensitive skin below. You may not need to specifically cleanse your new mustache every day—try using the softener and wash a few days a week and see how your face reacts.

Beard Wash

4. Stock Up on Oil

Your facial hair is sensitive, and can quickly dry out—especially in colder months. After you dry off from the shower, any of the Maapilim beard oils will work perfectly to lock in your mustache’s moisture and keep it feeling fresh throughout the day. All you need to do is choose the right scent for your ‘stache. ‘Tis the season for some Christmas scents; check out our All Purpose Oil, with a woodsy, pine-tree smell.

All Purpose Oil

5. Wax Up, Look Sharp

Your new mustache is cleansed and moisturized, and now it’s time to make it look great. Initially, you simply won’t have enough hair there to do much styling. But as your mustache comes in fuller and thicker, it’s important to style it to look exactly how you want. Maapilim’s Mustache Wax gives your ‘stache a light hold; try our Mustache Comb for extra precision.