We're $4M Closer to Making Men's Wellness a Reality


We created Maapilim with the dream of a wellness brand for men, starting with grooming products. Over the past few months, it became clear that sometimes dreams need a teeny tiny boost, mostly in the shape of coins :) so we decided to raise some, and I’m proud to say that today, this effort was completed, with the help of some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met, who I’m now honored to call our partners.

This will allow us to bring on board some incredible new talent, make our most creative ideas come to life, and give our customers an even better product.

A year ago, Maapilim was launched in the US, and none of us knew what to expect. We didn’t know we’ll get this mind blowing feedback from so many customers, or that we’ll be launching in Neiman Marcus so quickly, collaborating with amazing pioneer brands such as Away and goop.

Bringing the Mediterranean lifestyle to the US continues to be one hell of a ride, with its fantastic highs and scary lows, with its moments of genius and plenty of mistakes.

But now - with our new team and resources - I believe we’re one step closer to achieving our goals of making elegantly friendly grooming experiences accessible to all men, and opening the conversation for men to bring in wellness, balance and the highest quality experiences into their lives.