6 Appointments Every Guy Should Make Now


Don't fall into the stereotypical trap of thinking appointments are just for women. We've rounded up six totally gender-neutral appointments you should make now if you want to invest in your well-being. From ancient Chinese to new-age practices, these things will have you feeling balanced, looking your best, and thankful you invested the time in you.

Gua Sha

During a gua sha treatment, an angled stone, usually made out of crystal, is used to firmly scrape the skin to promote blood flow. Touted as the newest in skincare needs, gua sha is actually an ancient Chinese practice used to increase energy flow and blood circulation. The technique can be used all over the body and is traditionally quite vigorous. Modern uses employ a smaller version of the tool and gentler techniques. Consistent practice results in better skin, increased blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, and improved skin elasticity. Even muscle tension and wrinkles are said to be reduced. We suggest booking here.


A form of alternative medicine, acupuncture has been practiced for centuries throughout China. Acupuncture involves inserting very thin needles into a person's skin at specific points on the body. There are thousands of acupuncture points located on what Chinese medicine calls energy meridians that correlate with different organ systems, emotions, and functions of the body. Several scientific theories attempt to explain acupuncture’s proven efficacy but we’ll stay clear of that for now. Just trust us when we say, if you find yourself a good doctor of chinese medicine, you’re making a phenomenal investment in your well-being. Stress, headaches, chronic illness, pain, the common cold, sleep issues, skin conditions, emotional upset, and the list goes on and on, are all fair game for those little needles. Book with Lisa Sumption or WTHN if you're in NY.


You may think facials are only for women. But you’d be incorrect. A facial is merely a treatment to cleanse and care for skin. You’ve got skin don’t you? A good facial will leave your face feeling refreshed and energized. In NY or LA you can make an appointment at John Allan’s men’s club or Mortal Man (only NY).

Infrared Sauna

This dry sauna with infra-red lights helps the body sweat out toxins, increases circulation, and lymphatic drainage (more detoxing), and even stimulates collagen production and wound healing. So, find an infrared sauna, like Higher Dose in NY, Nimbus in Sydney, or Pause in LA, and book an appointment. You’ll thank us later. Remember to drink plenty of water and re-up on mineral-rich foods afterward (coconut water, walnuts, brazil nuts, greens, quinoa, and brown rice).


Massage is an ancient practice used to stimulate healing. Not just good for a day of relaxation, though that’s incredibly important too, massage increases blood flow, and lymphatic drainage, and can be administered in a variety of techniques depending on how you like it.


If you haven’t read Garett Munce's piece on the pedicure, I suggest you do that now. He makes a strong case for why all men should be getting them regularly. In sum, men should care about their appearance and well-being; in turn, this fosters more confidence and keeps feet in good health.