A Daydream


I’m at the beach, looking at the waves rush to shore. A big cloud covers the sky, except for one spot, in which the moon hangs, as bright as a golden coin. I feel the sand in my toes and smile. These waters are not just liquid, it’s rich colorful energy, filled with love, strength, infinity, and quiet. The waves keep on coming, but they don’t stop at the shore, they continue towards me in the form of pure energy. A light calmness that fills me with the wave’s balanced force. With each wave, my smile gets bigger and I feel the sea’s energy in a more vivid way. The sea is now flowing inside me, it is me.

I’m a fish. A beautiful blue fish with two silver stripes at the sides. I swim in a beautiful reef, moving through colorful plants and other little fish. Suddenly, I see another fish that looks like me. Also blue, with silver stripes on his sides. I swim toward him. He sees me, hesitates for a short minute, and then swims away. I wait. He appears again, picking out of a coral full of organisms. I send him a genuine smile and start approaching. He no longer hides. We look into each other's eyes, feeling our auras unite. We’re happy and curious, realizing that we’re actually one. The sea around us turns to color. All the colors I ever know to exist. Massive rays of light shoot from all directions, filling everything with light and warm energy. Our eyes spark at this wonderful sight. Again, we look at each other. I start to realize the fish in front of me is slowly scattering. The colors take over his form. I feel myself get lighter and lighter, melting into this energy.

We are now scattered with the colors and the waves. We are one - myself, the fish, the sea, the reef, the colors, the light. We’re all together. I’ve lost my physical form, but my soul is happier than ever before. I’m scattered and complete. I’m the waves, rushing into all shores. I’m in any time and any place. With the speed, all of the colors mix and turn into the lightest white I’ve ever seen. I run with this pure energy, and with the waves, past the shore. I continue towards a young man, sitting at the beach. The man feels my infinite cosmic energy, the source energy of everything, and smiles.