A Found Holiday Table


The holiday season is officially here, whether we are ready for it or not. As we start putting together our holiday lists, unpacking our seasonal decorations, and start playing Bing Crosby on repeat, let’s not forget the holiday table. This year, we may find ourselves alone or celebrating in a very different way than how we have in the past. This doesn't mean we have to sacrifice a beautiful holiday setting. Let’s still celebrate how far we’ve come this year, how grateful we are for our friends and family (even via Facetime), and a hopeful near future. Creating a festive holiday table can be reflected in that joy, with found objects, thrifted pieces, and sustainable materials. Here are some tips on creating a holiday table.

Piece of Nature

Taking time to go out in nature has been an incredibly rewarding experience to break up the lul of binge-watching tv and working. On your next walk, take note of the foliage on the ground, flowers in the garden, shells (if you are so lucky as to be by a beach), and stones. If anything catches your eye, take it with you. You can use these beautiful objects from nature to decorate your holiday table. Create a centerpiece using beautiful branches anchored in acorns and pine cones, create garland using various colored leaves, or repot your favorite houseplants in festive vessels. 

Edible Arrangement

Embrace your seasonal produce by putting it on a pedestal, seriously. Late fall is full of gorgeous squashes, deep red cranberries and pomegranate, and bright citrus. Play around with the arrangement. A large wooden bowl with various warm-hued produce, some limes in a terracotta vessel, or cranberries in a crystal dish can make a beautiful centerpiece or sprinkle the table with rosemary springs and cinnamon sticks. The best part of an edible arrangement- nothing goes to waste. Enjoy your decorations in later on by using them in festive dishes and cocktails! 

Hidden Treasure

If you have free time, join the rest of us treasure hunting on various online marketplaces like Facebook Marketplace, eBay, or craigslist. You’ll be able to get unique and cheap dinnerware, glasses, and serving pieces that are sure to be treasured. Plus, you can even find handmade or vintage pieces that can create a beautiful table setting. Don’t be afraid to mix and match styles, just stick to a color pallet. 

Earth Friendly

If you are going to invest in something, invest in table linens. Paper napkins, plastic silverware, and single-use cups create unnecessary waste. Table linens are super easy to wash (just throw them in your dirty laundry) and look classic and grandeur. A crisp tablecloth can elevate your table and keep the cleanup to a minimum. Opt for similar colors in various textures. Either keep it neutral for all year-use or celebrate the season with color.