Collection of Comfort


Think back on some of your fondest memories for a moment. Many of them revolve around furniture. The nights spent around a dining table laughing with friends and family. The first morning you walk in to pick your newborn out of their crib. The evening you spent putting together a dresser with your roommate. That weekend you spent cuddled up with your loved one on your sofa doing nothing but talking and getting to know each other. 

“Furniture shapes the world that we live in and it turns our house into a home. It fills the spaces with the pieces that allow us to make the memories that we hold on to.“

As a designer, I know that furniture is one of the most transformational pieces in the design. I also knew that when the time came to design my first furniture collection, I wanted to design pieces that were timeless, multifunctional, transitional, and modern. I wanted to give people the ability to bring a piece that was designed with intention home with them and to have you feel at home in your home. I collaborated with A.R.T. Furniture to do just that. To create a compelling, versatile, and functional exclusive collection, with the aim of transforming rooms and bringing happiness into one’s space. Spending many trips and time in Asia, working with the craftsmen themselves in the factories to design meetings with the team, all hands and ideas went into making a dream collection. 

The collection which features bedroom, dining room, and living room pieces is designed for every home and every person. With this collection, I wanted to design pieces that I would put in my own home and pieces that could be mixed in with anything that you already have. Each piece was designed for any size space in mind and can also accompany furniture you might already have. Every piece in my collection can be a foundational piece you can grow with as your style and life evolve. 

Each piece in my collection was designed to work for you and the way you live- and your home should do the same. Our lives are much more busy, layered, and mobile. More people are creating home offices, working from their kitchen table, and maximizing their space to be more than the intended room. When the furniture was first designed, marrying form and function wasn’t at the forefront because our lives were shaped differently. As the paradigm has shifted, I wanted to make sure to design pieces that incorporated ease and accessibility. I designed USB ports into the back of the nightstands to allow you to easily plug in your phone at the end of the night without having to move your nightstand around to find a plug. The beds include pop out under bed storage to maximize the storage in your home without adding to the footprint of the piece. The sectional was designed to be convertible meaning that the chaise can be placed on either side so when you move from one home to the next the piece will still work with you even if it is now arranged a different way. These pieces are meant to function for you and the way that you live your life within the walls of your home. 

I asked myself what I would want in a piece of furniture and then I brought that to life through this collection. My goal was to enrich not only the space that you bring the pieces into but the way that you live, function and use the space. A well-designed space is a happy space and I invite you to make yourself at home with this collection and create memories with these pieces.


Photos Courtesy of Bobby Berk for A.R.T. Furniture