Dark Circles: A 3-Step Goodbye


Our bodies have a nonverbal language for communicating a state of imbalance. Our busy lifestyles can wreck havoc on our bodies by weakening our immune systems, disrupting our sleep cycles, creating dark circles, and sending our hormones on a roller coaster ride that impacts everything from our eating habits to relationships.

Our bodies are quick to communicate that we need to slow down, but most of us aren’t very good at listening. As an alternative, we have become masters of band-aid solutions while ignoring the cause.

Wake up with a pimple? Slather on some concealer, then carry on with your life. Insomnia? Migraines? Anxiety? We have a quick-fix for them all. And thank goodness, because we need to function. We need to work. We need to pay the bills.

We also need to listen to our bodies. Even if slowing down significantly isn’t an option, it’s important to understand the message that is demanding to be acknowledged. Acknowledgment in itself is an important first step in the life-long practice of achieving balance.

Each body is different and chooses to communicate in a nonverbal language that is influenced by an individual’s genetics in addition to lifestyle. If your body expresses imbalance through dark circles under your eyes, let’s explore why…

Dark Circles: What is Your Body Trying to Tell You?

Dark circles. Racoon eyes. The universal symbol of sleep deprivation. Regardless of gender, there is no shame at the bottom of a tube of concealer-we all try to hide our perceived flaws and put a confident face forward. But let’s take a look at the causes of dark circles and how to erase them instead of just covering them up.


-Genetics and Lifestyle: our genes determine whether we have a predisposition to developing dark circles, but our lifestyle has an influence as well. We can’t control our genetics, but we can make lifestyle choices to prevent or erase dark circles if we are genetically predisposed to developing them.

-Stress: stress throws our bodies into a state of imbalance and may disrupt the quality and consistency of our sleep. When we think of dark circles we probably think of sleep deprivation first, but stress is often the cause of sleep deprivation. Practicing self-care and taking steps to achieve a healthy work-life balance are essential to eliminating dark circles.

-Anemia: anemia is a condition caused by low iron levels that results in a hemoglobin deficiency, a common cause of dark circles. Speak with your doctor to determine if low iron levels are responsible for yours.

-Sun Damage: overexposure to the sun increases melanin production, which results in skin pigmentation. We all know the answers to this one: sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats! You can use this as an excuse to splurge on your preferred method of shade-if you love it, you will wear it, and consistency is essential. Consider it one of the best investments you’ll ever make.

-Aging: as we age, the sensitive skin under our eyes becomes thinner and more prone to dark circles. A healthy diet and dedicated skincare routine can have a huge impact on the effects of aging on our skin.

Let’s Talk Skincare:

Skincare routines aren’t just for high-schoolers engaged in a battle against puberty. Our skin is a reflection of our internal state of balance or imbalance-and we wear it on our face for the world to see. Skincare routines are for everyone who wants to live life in their best skin, period. But which skincare routine is the right one? Skincare routines are like exercise: you can work with a personal trainer to determine a program that is tailored to your body and goals, or you can hop on the treadmill. Either way, you’re still exercising, good for you! When it comes to skincare, the options seem unlimited. You can test a variety of different products until you find the ones that work best for your skin, or you can start with the basics: a gentle cleanser, mousturizer, and eye cream. Establish a routine, be consistent, and watch your best skin rise to the surface.


Good Face Day Kit:

The Good Face Day Kit is a simple and effective way to kick-off your new healthy skin habits. Designed for both prevention and correction, the three-step routine uses trusted ingredients to restore skin health and maintain it. The best part: you can subscribe for monthly delivery to your door. If only we could find a gym with that level of convenience…

The first step is a gentle cleanser, gentle being the key word here. We cleanse our faces to remove dead skin and dirt, but harsh ingredients can damage the sensitive skin under our eyes which exacerbates aging and dark circles. This gentle cleanser soothes the skin with witch hazel and aloe vera.

The second step is a restorative moisturizer that contains plant-based hyaluronic acid and pomegranate bark extract. Hyaluronic acid holds 1,000 times its weight in water, grabbing onto moisture and locking it in. Pomegranate bark extract is rich in Vitamin C, which regulates the synthesis of collagen and is essential to healthy and youthful skin.

The third step is a rich eye cream with colloidal oats to soothe puffiness and an additional dose of Vitamin C to wipe away those dark circles once and for all. Get ready to say goodbye, because you now have a skincare routine as simple as 1, 2, 3 with delivery to your door!

But wait...not so fast! There is one more step that doesn’t fit into a subscription box. Don’t forget to practice self-care. Set some goals to achieve a healthy and realistic work-life balance. When you are in a state of balance, or at least walking in that direction, you can make some adjustments to work smarter instead of harder. Take time for yourself. Make time for your relationships: social support is one of the most significant indicators of well-being. Move your body: according to Joseph Pilates, we are only as young as our spines are flexible. And, of course, don’t forget to wear sunscreen. Your skin, and your mother, will thank you.