Switching to Natural Deodorant


Deodorant Detoxing is Real!

So you’re thinking of making the switch from conventional antiperspirant to an all-natural deodorant? Whether you are trying to improve your health or going back to your hippie roots, detoxing your pits is a great choice. By removing all the toxins and chemicals from your daily use of antiperspirant, your body will be able to release all the bad stuff more effectively- leaving you fresh and clean day after day. However, the first period of switching over can be a little daunting, so this article was created to help put your mind at ease. You’ll be glad you switched over to natural deodorant in no time.

The Detox Journey
In the US and Canada, antiperspirants are considered over the counter drugs. That being said- with most drugs that you consistently use every day, you can expect a detox period. Also, it's important to keep in mind that everybody is different. For some people, the detox period is very short, other's last up to 4 weeks.

Week 1
Welcome. The first week of your natural deodorant journey is typically great. You brush off people’s comments about “natural deodorant not working for them”. But don’t get too cocky yet, the detox has just started. Then why do your armpits smell like a spa (depending on your scent of choice)? This is because, like most people, you have been using antiperspirant since you were a teen. Therefore, the aluminum in the antiperspirant plugs up the pores in your underarm which has been preventing your body to release its toxins naturally.

Week 2
Let nature take its course. By the second week, you will probably start noticing some new smells coming from your underarms. This is due to an increase in bacteria growth (don’t be alarmed, it’s not all bad bacteria). Additionally, you may notice that you are sweating a little bit more than normal. Again, this is just your body doing its job by sweating out toxins. During this time period, it is recommended that you carry around your deodorant with you... Just in case.

Week 3
The worst part is over. By this point, most people will start to notice a decrease in funky odors as well as excessive moisture. The majority of bodies will be fully detoxed from antiperspirants by the end of week 3. Some bodies take a little shorter, a little longer, or experience no symptoms at all.
Just a reminder, when switching from antiperspirant to natural deodorant, you will experience sweating more than before. But do also keep in mind that sweating is an important and crucial part of life.


Here are some tricks to help you get through the detox:

Dress Naturally
Try sticking to clothes made of natural materials like cotton, bamboo, wool, or linen. These materials let the body breathe, which is crucial while detoxing your underarms. A common mistake people make is choosing synthetic activewear. A lot of commercial activewear uses polyester and spandex which is great for giving you movement, but not great for your body’s microbiome. Keep it natural when you can.

Eat Well + Stay Hydrated
What you consume plays a huge role in what you expel. A clean and balanced (mostly plant-based) diet will typically help you maintain a neutral body odor. If you want to go the extra mile, remove or reduce the common odor creating offenders: caffeine, alcohol, meat, and fried foods. Try to also be mindful of drinking more water than normal during the detox period. This will dilute any odor-causing bacteria.

Dry Off
When drying off after a bath or shower, remember to dry off your underarms. A lot of times, this area gets missed and remains damp. It’s very important to make sure the underarms are very dry because odor-causing bacteria love warm and moist areas. Also, your natural deodorant will be more effective on a dry surface.