How to Grow a ‘Quarantine Beard’ the Right Way


Growing your beard under normal circumstances can be an interesting journey. You start with a bit of stubble that looks okay, but then it grows in patches and random flyaways starting showing up out of nowhere. This is what we call the awkward phase and no matter who you are, it will happen. Growing your beard during a lock in or trying to sport the newly trended ‘Quarantine Beard’ is no exception. You’ll still go through the awkward phase and will be tempted to cut it all off. There’s no real right way to grow a beard so don’t get mystified by the Harry Styles of the world. Every single man out there has a different hair texture that determines what kind of beard they’ll have. It’s also about timing. Some men grow full beards in their teenage years while others will have patchy beards up until their 50s.

Rear your expectations
Every face and hair texture is different so your expectations should be different too. Just because you saw a Paul Bunyan-esque dude sporting a garibaldi means it’ll look great on you. You have to consider a few things:

  1. Hair texture: Not every texture allows for a full beard. If you have thinner hair it might be hard to sport a full beard versus someone who has thicker hair.
  2. Face orientation: Different face shapes don’t necessarily require certain beards, but you should consider the length and width of the beard you’re trying to have and how it relates to your face. A verdi style might not gel well with someone who has a round face.
  3. Timing: Just because you can only grow a mustache now doesn’t mean in a few years you won’t be able to sport a full bandholz. Every man’s beard grows at different rates so don’t give up just because things aren’t connecting.
  4. Style: There are a plethora of different beard styles and familiarizing with all the different kinds can help you choose a style that fits your face and personality.

The phase
The most common complaint when growing a beard is the itchiness of the awkward phase. For some men it may feel like they want to just tear their face off. This causes premature shaving and you should avoid this at all cost. Luckily there are some good products out in the world that help with itchiness and overall cleanliness.

  1. The itch factor: There are a few ways you can prevent this or at least keep it minimal. The first is to maintain a clean and moisturized face. Make sure to wash your face at least twice a day (morning and night) and apply a moisturizer after each cleanse.
  2. Natural irritants: If you’re a fan of hot showers, stop! Steamy inferno-like showers dry out your skin and cause dryness which results in itchiness.
  3. The products: Find a good product to condition the growing hairs on your face. MAAPILIM has a good moisturizer that is perfect for newly minted beards. You can also dabble with oils like this one again from MAAPILIM. Using these conditioners can help the awkward phase pass by quickly.

Finding the right style
There are countless beard styles out there. Finding the right one for your head shape, hair texture and personal aesthetic are a great way to avoid style mixups.

Source: CDC To Beard or not to Beard?

Let it grow, let it grow
You’re never going to have that “perfect” beard if you cut it off after a month of growing. As mentioned before, one of the biggest components of growing out any beard is time. Give yourself at least two months without cutting or trimming to see if it’s something you want to commit to full-time. A good tip is to not compare your beard with another beard when you’re trying to grow it out. Everyone’s hair grows at different rates and texture plays a big part in how that hair looks. If you’re nervous about how your face looks to the world during this period, shave your neck area. A good tip is to put two fingers above your Adam’s apple. Anything below should be shaved and above should be kept.

Maintenance is key
Once you’ve grown your beard to its desired length and found the right style, make sure to have the right tools for maintenance. Using the right shavers and creams can avoid irritation and save panic in the restroom. If you’re considering buying an electric razor for trimming, make sure to find one that doesn’t pull your hair when cutting. Pulling creates split ends and causes flyaways and that’s no bueno.