Guided Mindfulness Meditation with Richard Jenkins


It is rare for us in today’s always-on approach to life to pause, to take a moment, to simply allow the mind to experience whatever arises, to create a space in which we can be quiet and still. We are very grateful to have Richard Jenkins, a trained Mindfulness teacher and co-founder of creative agency CAPRI join Maapilim for a guided awareness of breath mindfulness meditation.

We welcome you to find a quiet space in your home to join Richard as we walk you through this meditation. If you find your mind is wondering and you notice distractions, sounds, body sensations, or all of the above, be gentle with yourself. This awareness is the practice. Wherever your mind goes, simply come back again to the next breath. Simply allow things to unfold naturally, noticing the rising and falling sensation it creates in the body. With each breath, each moment, know that in giving yourself this time to ground you are taking time for yourself.