In Praise of #Lovingdad


“I hope my son still kisses me when he’s 13!” These were the words said to me by a friend whose son was 2 at the time. I had just recently shared a story about my twin sons, who were about to turn 14 and currently being bullied at school because they kiss their dad. They were being called gay and also being told that kissing me, their dad, was something they shouldn’t do. This was all coming from young men in their school and it hurt my heart.

When Kobe and GiGi Bryant tragically passed, the world began the hashtag #girldad movement. It touched my heart because I have a 19 year old daughter that I love dearly. Shortly after, Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union introduced the world to Zaya, their amazing daughter. It made me begin thinking about my sons and how important it is to just be a #lovingdad.

As men, we too often push our boys away from the things we consider soft or gay and what we should be teaching is that being in touch with your emotions or being your true self is beautiful, no matter what society may think. We forget to give them permission to accept the feminine and masculine attributes that are part of the makeup that is them, as whole human beings. Loving all of who your children are is the best way for us to be a #lovingdad. My sons are 15. We kiss each other everyday. We tell each other “I Love You” everyday.

It is my hope that I can teach them about their own divine masculinity so that they can pass that on to their own children, with no pause. Let us all have Kobe and GiGi love. May we all be the parents that Dwyane and Gabrielle are. As fathers, it’s not enough to just be a dad, we have to be a #lovingdad!

Rest In Love Kobe and Gianna! ️