Note from the Editor


Welcome to Sand, a magazine dedicated to men's wellness and slowing down.

Can you remember the last time you were on the beach, your feet sinking into the white sand, inching slowly towards the sunset to the beat of the waves? This is what inspires Sand.

Sand is the moment in your hectic routine you break your iron-clad grip on your keyboard, lift your gaze above the screen and aspire to something different, something slower. And this moment is brought to you by Maapilim, a grooming company for men using natural ingredients from the Mediterranean.

Self care and well-being practices are common to the Mediterranean area; from meditation, thought to be fathered by Greek philosopher Socrates, to the Slow Food movement and la dolce vita of Italy.

We also believe men lack a place to connect to things we might have interest in: wellness, new masculinity, slow living, fashion, design, meditation, to name a few. It’s time men had a softer, more modern voice to represent them.

Here, we’ll share with you stories of busy people slowing down; stories of inspirational thought leaders, entrepreneurs, artists, and makers talking about their craft and how they practice self-care amidst the hectic rhythm of life. Here’s to a beautiful adventure together.

That’s one of the reasons we feel Sand shares such an inherent connection to the Mediterranean. At Sand, we believe that well-being is both an effort to make better lifestyle choices and about being present. You can slather on natural ingredients and feed yourself nutrient-dense foods, but if you don’t take time to be still, how “well” are you really?

And we want YOU and to have a voice as well. To be part of this discussion. If you want to be Sand writer - please email me directly at

Eyal de Leeuw

photo by Merav Ben Loulou