Something Sacred


There’s no getting around it: Under normal circumstances, life is stressful. With our home now functioning as a workplace, eatery, and—hopefully—a place to relax, it can feel overwhelming, far from the oasis it could be. While the stress may be here to stay, the space you receive and work through it can certainly be improved.

Your home is the backdrop of your life, so why not make it as serene as possible? You deserve a refresh to your home decor. Use it as a perfect opportunity to integrate some design spirituality into your daily life. From burning sage to making a little terrarium, discover what changes make you feel more at ease.

Here’s how to add spiritual elements into your home’s design:

Decorate with Crystals

If you’re looking to ground your space, crystals are the way to go. When surrounded by or holding these stones, they can also pick up your energy, keeping your positive intentions, and forming a connection between you and their first home, nature. Quartz is an especially popular option, making up a part of Earth’s crust and utilized in many electronics. Other popular crystals are celestite (believed to help with anxiety and stress) and amethyst (thought to bring balance into your life).
Beyond the healing properties crystals may have, they’re gorgeous. Are you desperately looking for that right pop of color to add to a room? Crystals are available in a magnificent array of shapes, sizes, and shades. Pick a few up to provide your room with a centered, earthy feel.

Burn Sage

The act of burning sage has been practiced by Native Americans and other indigenous tribes for centuries. Also known as smudging, the Indigenous Corporate Training Inc. reports this is “traditionally a ceremony for purifying or cleansing the soul of negative thoughts of a person or place.” While smudging can use sweetgrass, tobacco, cedar, or sage, the latter has found widespread popularity in recent years.
So, when do you know it’s time to burn some sage? “If you have moved into a new place, or have had an argument in your home, you might want to give it a smudge to cleanse the air,” said Eddy Robinson, Ojibwa cultural educator and founder of Morningstar River, which provides aboriginal culture education. “To prepare the room, cover mirrors, close windows, open doors (including cupboards), and turn off all electronics.”
The process itself is not as big an undertaking as it may seem. Robinson recommends starting on the left side of the door and staying to the left as you move through your space. While the sage burns, consciously ask for the positive energy to remain and the negative energy to leave. If you have any items in your house with a bad association, allow the smoke to move over them. Once done, shoot the smoke out the front door.
Sage is used to promote good mental health. In countries such as Mexico, estafiate, also known as white sagebrush, has been used to alleviate anxiety and depression symptoms. A 2016 research project out of the University of Mississippi confirmed the positive effects of white sage. The author reported that white sage activates specific receptors in the brain, reducing stress and boosting a person’s mood.
At the very least, the act of burning sage and slowly bringing it around your room is a meditative one in and of itself.

Light Incense and Candles

Have you ever smelled a scent so delightful that your entire body seemingly unclenches, relaxing as soon as you inhale? Can you remember the smell now? If you don’t want to commit to walking around your space burning sage, try lighting incense or candles infused with one of these impactful scents.
Incense has been used since ancient times, literally meaning “to burn” in Latin. This is an optimal choice for anyone seeking a stronger aroma. Beautiful incense containers are available to add a lovely accent in your room, whether or not the incense is flowing.
Alternatively, candles are having a moment with an incredible array of scents and sizes available. Designs also vary from sassy sayings to sleek containers and everything in between. If you’re ordering candles online, read the details of each scent and the reviews to determine better if it’s the right smell for you.