Sand Issue 4: Wellness


For the new issue of Sand magazine, we have decided to move to a digital format and to dedicate it to wellness and self-care. Consisting of interviews, articles, and videos on how to stay calm in a time of global crisis - this magazine allows our community members to share with friends and colleagues what is needed today more than ever: a helping hand, good advice, and some great storytelling.
Welcome to Sand magazine issue 4, dedicated to wellness - it's a very simple, sometimes an overused word, but for us, it is nothing but a path to walk in. Wellness is the act of feeling good and doing good - an ongoing process that is needed more than ever in a time of global crisis and growing anxiety. We see this period not as a war against unseen enemies but more as a test for us as human beings, as communities. A push for us to work together, be there for each other, and give a helping hand to a friend, a family member, a neighbor, or a stranger. This is the time for communities to be united and come out from this crisis stronger and kinder.