All About Wrinkles and How to Combat Them


Take it as a right of passage, or as a preemptive sign of a mid-life crisis, earning wrinkles is a part of life we can’t escape. In the daily grind towards successful careers and in the constant race against the clock - maybe you want to get on that 30 under 30 list - wrinkles are a symbol of the aging process. We try to fight Wrinkles or not want to share it with the world.

In some cultures, aging is a milestone to be celebrated and admired. And indeed in Hollywood, thanks to the likes of George Clooney, wrinkles are a permissible sign of being a silver fox. But there’s a fine (forehead?) line between being a fox and trailing behind the bandwagon of youth.

It is important to note that not all wrinkles and signs of aging are created equal. While some wrinkles remind us of great laughs and good times (crows feet), those dark circles, pesky veins and puffy bags under the eyes are here to remind us of youth slipping away. And while balding in men is a commonly known sign of aging, the evidence on face and skin has been little explored territory until now in the world of men’s wellness.

Most men don’t even know what dark circles, veins under the eyes, bags, or brown circles actually are. They just know they look tired. But recently, I’ve overheard men go as far as saying that having dark circles under their eyes makes them feel as if they’ve given up and given in to a life of routine, and not living their full potential.

So what are wrinkles, how do we get them, and most importantly, how do we get rid of them?
Wrinkles are a natural part of aging that occur when skin loses elasticity. The most common ones are fine lines that occur due to facial expressions. For men, this is usually forehead lines. When you’re young, your skin bounces back after you make a facial movement. But as you age, your skin loses its ability to do so in the same way. This is why you see so many collagen-boosting ingredients in skincare, aiming to bring back that elasticity. But the culprits for wrinkles and aging go beyond the natural process, and are aggravated due to external stressors of modern life such as UV rays (aka sun damage), pollution, and even blue light from your smartphone.

In men specifically, there is also a physiological explanation to why certain areas of the face are more prone to signs of aging. For example, men are more likely to have deep-set eyes which potentially lead to the development of bags. These bags under eyes are made worse with age because fat that usually supports the eyes moves down to below the eyes, making them appear puffy.

When it comes to dark circles, there are a few factors at play. Of course, if you go out for a full night out and wake up the next day, your dark circles will be more prominent. Alcohol consumption is a big one to blame, but there are also hereditary factors that affect dark circles.

Along with the physical signs that come with those dark circles, brown circles, wrinkles and bags, are underlying issues affecting your overall wellness. Those dark circles? They are just symptoms trying to tell you something. Are you listening?

Here are the first three steps to take to combat those pesky wrinkles, puffy bags, and dark circles under the eyes:

1. Get the appropriate amount of H20

I drank enough water today! Said no one ever (except celebrities). The creases and forges in your skin are even more apparent when you’re dehydrated. Hydration begins from the inside out, and is a golden rule for your general wellbeing. When you drink enough water you hydrate your body and skin, bringing life back into those wrinkles and helping to diminish the signs of fatigue like dark circles and puffiness.

2. Clock in those Zzz’s

Beauty sleep is real, especially for reducing the appearance of dark circles.The cells in your body regenerate while you sleep, and that means your skin too. You’ve probably experienced it yourself after having been well rested - you get compliments on looking fresh and having a certain rest-induced glow. The quality of your sleep has a huge effect on the quality of regeneration, and we know that aromatherapy can help you sleep better. It has also been said that sleeping on your back is ideal for facial skin improvement, as sleeping on the side or stomach will have your face squished against your pillow.

3. Use an Eye Cream

The skin around your eyes is the thinnest and most fragile, that’s why it is more susceptible to wrinkles and dark circles, and why eye cream isn’t part of a high maintenance routine, it’s a must. Targeting this area with a highly nourishing, moisturizing, antioxidant-packed cream or serum is paramount to maintaining a refreshed look and minimizing dark circles.